About Us - Continued
      Even after I had completed all of this research, talked to every authority that I could think of, gathered all of this information on birddogs, and went out and bought the "right" dog, I still managed to screw a few things up!
     Luckily, I really had found the "perfect" dog. After I made Rio a little gun shy by shooting a .270 out of the window of my Blazer, she decided to teach me a few things. I had kept her out of birds up until this point. She had a natural instinct for finding birds and pointing them. So, once Rio had trained Me enough, I finally got the picture that she wanted to find birds. Rio began to teach me the joy and improvement of hunting birds with a great birddog.
     As you can see, this business has become a labor of love for my wife, myself, and my dogs. We all enjoy being a part of hunting and spending quality time outdoors. And, because we love what we do, this job becomes that much sweeter. We hope to give you a little piece of what we feel everytime we go out lookin' for birds.
     BEB Sporting Dogs
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